I’m a native of Clark County. I lived in Casey until I was 13 then my family moved to Marshall, where I graduated from high school in 1968. I then went to Wabash Valley Junior College in Mt. Carmel, and that’s where my radio career started. I did the play-by-play for the college basketball team for two years.

While in college I also started working part-time at WRAY in Princeton, Indiana. I was “discovered” by the program director of WJPS in Evansville who hired me a couple of months later.

I’ve been working full-time in radio since the summer of 1970. My radio career took me to such cities as Jackson, MS; Ft. Wayne, IN; Chattanooga, TN; Des Moines, IA; Chicago; and San Francisco.

The first ten years of my career I was a Top 40 DJ, playing the popular songs of the day. Then I went into country music from 1980–1998. Now WMMC plays the greatest hits of all time from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s.

Some of my career highlights:

  • In 1981 I became the program director of the first FM country station in San Francisco. I also did the afternoon show. No one expected country music to work in the Bay Area, but the station went from 19th to 2nd in one year! It was a very exciting four years in the Bay Area!
  • In 1988 I took over as program director of US99 in Chicago and took that station from 15th to #1. I also hosted the morning show for 10 years in Chicago from 1988–1998. That ten year run set me up to become a station owner.
  • I’m back home now and loving it! I bought WMMC Radio in August of 1998. It’s been a great run so far!

I have a sensational wife named Lori, who is co-owner of the station. I also have two wonderful children—Paige and Julia—both in their late 20’s. Paige is an interior designer in the Chicago area. Julia is a graphic designer working in Indianapolis.

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