John Henry in front of WMMC RadioI am originally from parts all over Indiana. I grew up a pop culture student, loving radio, music and movies. I was always fascinated by popular fads and crazes, from the pet rock to the Atari, and the Rubik’s cube to the wave and the Macarena. I was better at observing them than mastering them. When I was in high school, I was the guy who knew all the songs and artists on the radio. When I joined the speech and drama department in high school, I was chosen by the big top forty station in town to do the “high school report,” which led to one of my first radio jobs in southern Indiana.

I was fascinated with radio’s early days, meeting new people from all around, informing, entertaining, being a part of the community, and their lives. I did some mobile entertainment for weddings and clubs, as well as extra odd jobs as I avidly attended radio seminars and tried to soak in as much information as I could. After moving around taking broadcasting jobs in Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and Georgia, I returned to the Marshall-Terre Haute area to work with WMMC, a locally owned station, serving local people.